GP WU - Don't Go Against The Grain [1998]

  1. "Smoking"
  2. "1st Thing First"
  3. "Two Gats Up"
  4. "Blow Up"
  5. "Party People"
  6. "If You Only Knew"
  7. "Hit Me With That Shit"
  8. "Hip Hop"
  9. "Chamber Danger"
  10. "Underground Emperor"
  11. "Life Bid"
  12. "Don't Go Against the Grain"
  13. "Things Ain't What They Used To Be"
  14. "Black On Black Crime"

2 commentaires:

CED10-P a dit…

tres bon cd

GweN a dit…

C'est du gros album made in Wu-Tang Family, excellent et bien rugueux du début à la fin, les flows et les voix donne une ambiance casi culte.