GP WU - Don't Go Against The Grain [1998]

  1. "Smoking"
  2. "1st Thing First"
  3. "Two Gats Up"
  4. "Blow Up"
  5. "Party People"
  6. "If You Only Knew"
  7. "Hit Me With That Shit"
  8. "Hip Hop"
  9. "Chamber Danger"
  10. "Underground Emperor"
  11. "Life Bid"
  12. "Don't Go Against the Grain"
  13. "Things Ain't What They Used To Be"
  14. "Black On Black Crime"

Pumpkinhead - Orange Moon Over Brooklyn [2005]

1. Alkaline 'N' Acid (Feat Raiden)
2. Authentic (Feat DV Alias Khryst)
3. I Just Wanna Rhyme
4. Trifactor (Feat Supastition And Wordsworth)
5. Grenades [prod by Immortal Technique]
6. DP One (Interlude)
7. Rock On
8. Anything
9. Swordfish (Feat Archrival)
10. Emcee
11. Jukebox
12. Best
13. Monkey Shine (Feat The Plague) [Prod by Moss]
14. Here
15. Anthem for the End of the World (Feat Jean Grae And Chas) [Prod by Jean Grae]

Access Immortal - Shades Of Reality [2005]

2.Authentic Made feat Breez Evahflowin & Smiley The Ghetto Child
3.Resident Evil
4.Get what you deserve feat Breez Evahflowin, Karniege & Substantial
5.Born in the Ghetto
6.Some Days feat Wordsworth
7.Life is Dirty
8.Strugglers Paradise feat Insight
9.My Testimony
10.The General
11.Force of the Rush feat Loer Velocity & Oktober
12.Bust my Guns
13.Monday night Raws
14.Best Kept Secret feat Young Sin & Karniege
15.Lost in Paradise
16.Shallow Graves feat Science